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What Are The Best Eye Drops For Allergies

They aim to stop factors that cause eye allergies. Here are the best eye drops for allergies that are effective for eye allergy treatment. 1. Baush and Romuopcon – Antihistamine and eye drop to soothe redness. If you want speedy help for red, bothersome eyes.

The redness can occur from allergens like dust, pigweed, ragweed, pet fur, grass, and sebum. These allergy eye drops are. Mast cell eye drops: This newer type of eye drop can be a lifesaver for people with severe or long-lasting allergies. Mast cell eye drops are available OTC and by prescription and are especially helpful for contact lens wearers because they can be safely used long term. These eye drops help prevent mast cells in the body from producing histamine. Bausch and Lomb Allergy Eye Drops — $8.00. These antihistamine drops have been called “THE BEST” for red and itchy eyes by Amazon reviewers, and as longtime user myself, I must say I agree.

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